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Setting up in China

Before setting up in China, you should review your current investments and future business plans to determine the optimal investment vehicle to set up in accordance with the current China investment regulations and specific industrial policies.


Important steps before setting up in China

  • In case of forming a joint venture, seek support in contract negotiation and due diligence review.
  • Verify the feasibility and prerequisites for setting up because they could be subject to local difference in practices and interpretations of the law.
  • Optimize the tax-effectiveness of your shareholding structure and funding arrangements.
  • Formulate the business scope for the company to be to up and negotiate with the approval authorities where necessary.
  • Ensure the application documents for submission are complete, accurate and in the right format.
  • Find out the appropriate channel for approval and registration and go through them one by one.

How Richard Poon & Partners can assist you?

  • Advise on appropriate group structure and/or business entities to suit your needs
  • Assist in setting up company by our associated network in major commercial regions in China.

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